How to Turn Off Automatic Windows Update & Perform Manual Updates

How to Turn Off Automatic Windows Update & Perform Manual Updates
Completing the previous post How to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection, where one way is to disable automatic updates. We can still do manual updates so that the security of our windows is maintained and up to date. Here are the steps:

1. Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Security Center (old Windows). As for windows 8 and above, click Start then look for Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.
2. Will appear window. For Windows 8 and above continue by clicking “Advanced Options”.
3. Note the option on Choose how updates are installed. Select the option “Download Updates for me, but let me choose when to install them” or just select Notify Me. By selecting this option updates will not run automatically, but will notify us when there are new updates.
4. When the update notification appears “Updates are ready for your Computer” click the yellow Shield image or it usually appears as a pop-up in a balloon.
5. Do not select update Express, but select manual update, check only the desired file. There are 2 download options, namely the automatic update itself but to speed up the process we choose one by one. But I recommend downloading the manual file, how:

  • In the selected update file, there is information and there is a download source link.
  • Click the link, or copy and paste it into the browser it will be taken you to the download page.
  • Download the sample file:, make sure the downloaded file is the same. Example security update KB973688
6. The advantage of downloading the manual update is that the download process can be faster, especially if you use a download accelerator such as IDM, DAP, or FlashGet. After the download is complete, install and update have been successfully done.

But please also note, if we use the Windows OS (operating system) that is not original or pirated. So actually it’s useless to update because the update process will not be completed perfectly if it is known that the windows used are not genuine or genuine windows.

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