How to Track IP Address Very Easy
How to Track IP Address, Very Easy!

How to Track IP Address, Very Easy!

How to Track IP Address, Very Easy!

Everyone has an address to indicate existence. The address is usually listed on the identity card and written in full. Starting from street names and building numbers to postal codes. However, what if you want to find someone not based on the address listed on your ID? The answer can vary, one of which is through the IP Address.

In this day and age, of course, everyone has a cell phone, right? Ownership of mobile phones, including social media in it, leaves a trail of digital addresses called IP addresses. To find a someone or for other commercial purposes, you can use an IP address to find out where the person is or map something.

What is IP Address?

Quoting the official Google page, an Internet Protocol Address, or an IP Address number, is an address pinned to identify devices on the internet or local networks. Please note that devices, whether laptops or mobile phones, that use the internet network and or local networks connected must use an IP address.

For example, you want to download a video file from the internet on a website from your computer. Later, the website will search for the location of your computer to send the video file you requested. The website sends it based on your computer’s IP address to avoid sending the wrong one.

Usually, an IP Address consists of a collection of four numbers from 0 to 255. For example, Even though it is only a collection of numbers, IP addresses are often a means for people to track. Then, what is the reason for tracking IP Addresses?

Reasons for Tracking IP Addresses

As reported by Hostens, there are at least three reasons that make someone track IP address numbers.

The first is related to marketing. Whenever we visit an e-commerce website, we will see a trace of our IP address. Through these traces, e-commerce web owners will know the origin of our location. This then becomes the capital of the web owner to promote something.

Second, legal issues. IP Address numbers help track user behavior in cyberspace and uncover illegal online activities. For example, if you download illegal software, the software copyright holder company can find you based on the IP address used to download the software.

Third fraud detection. For example, you are the owner of an online store at an e-commerce store. Long ago, someone bought your merchandise in bulk. By utilizing the IP Address number, you can see the match between the location and the coordinates based on the IP Address with the address listed on the e-commerce identity. So, it can minimize losses and fraud.

How to Know IP Address

Knowing someone online is not an easy matter. However, there are two ways to find out someone else’s IP Address number, Tech Advisor launches.

1. Via email

Through email, you can find out the IP Address number. Follow these 4 ways, yes!:

  1. Open an incoming email from someone you are after.
  2. Then, click on the three-dot icon, usually located below the body of the email.
  3. Then, select the phrase “Show Original.”
  4. A new screen will appear and click “Copy to Clipboard” in the blue box.

The copied text becomes the key to the existence of the IP Address number. Later, the IP address will be known.

2. Through the command prompt

Another easy way to find out the IP Address number is through the command prompt. Command Prompt is software already available on all Laptop or PC devices. There are at least 3 steps to find out your IP Address, including:

  1. Open your Laptop or PC
  2. Then open Command Prompt first. The trick is to press the windows key and R simultaneously.
  3. Then, type the command “ipconfig” and press enter.
  4. When finished, an IPv4 Address will appear containing your IP address number.

Very Easy, Isn’t it?

How to track IP address location

If you already know the IP address, then you only need to take one more step to find the IP owner’s location position or whereabouts. There are many websites to track IP address location. One of them is You just need to visit the site and enter the IP address number you get in the search field.

In an instant, the website will display the location of the owner of the IP Address, details with coordinates.

That’s an easy way to find out and track someone’s IP Address. Don’t forget to use this for positive things, okay!

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