Causes of Blocked WhatsApp and How to Solve It

One of the widely used messaging applications is WhatsApp. However, some WhatsApp users have complained that their WhatsApp number is blocked by WhatsApp. This blocking is actually not an excuse because usually blocked numbers violate the provisions in WhatsApp. Even though they have been blocked, these numbers can be recovered and used again as usual.

Another cause of WhatsApp being blocked is because the user violates the rules, one of which is using an unofficial version of the WhatsApp application, such as MOD WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. So, how to solve WhatsApp blocked? WhatsApp has a policy of recovering an account if the user meets the proposed requirements. In the WhatsApp FAQ page, users who do not meet the requirements submitted, their accounts can even be permanently blocked. WhatsApp MOD is basically similar to WhatsApp, but offers features that are not available in WhatsApp, one of which is the option to change the theme. According to WhatsApp, the two applications are modified versions of WhatsApp. “Unauthorized applications are developed by third parties and violate our terms of service. WhatsApp does not support third-party camera applications, we cannot validate their security practices,” WhatsApp wrote.

In general, there are several reasons why your WA account is blocked:

  1. If your account is blocked by other users, this is indeed a right that is allowed by WhatsApp itself. So, if there are people who might not like you, they could just block your WA account
  2. If WhatsApp is blocking it, it means that there is a problem with the WA account, such as a violation of the terms or conditions specified by WhatsApp.
  3. Users use third-party applications that are considered viruses or illegal modifications. ( MOD WhatsApp )
  4. Users send many broadcasts in a relatively short time. Usually, WhatsApp will read the account as a robot.
  5. There are reports from other parties that are valid. Maybe the account is reported because it has harmed many parties and legally. WhatsApp has the right to close the reported account.
  6. The account is proven to be involved in law violations, such as fraud, spreading hoax news, selling illegal products, to acts of terrorism.

Method 1 Overcome WA Blocked

How to overcome a temporarily blocked WhatsApp account is actually trivial, namely by switching to the official WhatsApp application, after the blocking period ends. WhatsApp has also provided a guide on how to switch to the official application so that data in ‘illegal’ applications is not lost after switching. If you are a WhatsApp MOD user Switch to the Official WhatsApp Version
  1. Wait for the temporary block to end. The timer will show how long the block
  2. WhatsApp MOD App, tap More options > Chat > ​​Chat backup
  3. Go to Phone Settings > tap Storage > Files
  4. Find the WhatsApp MOD folder then tap and hold to select the folder
  5. In the top right corner, tap More > Rename and rename the folder to “WhatsApp”
  6. Open the Play Store and download the official WhatsApp application
  7. On WhatsApp, verify the phone number
  8. On the Backup screen, tap Restore > Next
  9. WhatsApp will load with the restored chat

Method 2 Solve WA Blocked

  1. If a WhatsApp account is blocked by another user , inevitably you have to confirm with the owner of the WA account who blocked your account. You can also use third-party applications or modify your cell phone number, but this is not recommended because it will cause permanent blocking by WhatsApp.
  2. If the WA account is blocked by WhatsApp, the account owner can contact WhatsApp via email or the contact listed on their official website.
  3. Prove that your WA account does not violate the rules. If you can prove it, the WA account will be restored in the future. However, if not, the WA account remains in the blocked status by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp from May 2019 has blocked users of unofficial or third-party applications, including GB WhatsApp. Regarding GBWhatsApp, it is an application identical to WhatsApp, which has been modified in such a way, or more popularly known as WhatsApp Mod. A number of users who use this Mod application report their accounts have been temporarily blocked. WhatsApp in March 2019 had warned its users against using third-party applications, referring to the Mod application. Regarding the application in question, including WhatsApp Plus, it offers a number of features that are not accommodated by the official WhatsApp application. These features include tweaking the theme, sending large files, changing the font, hiding the microphone button, and much more. Just to note, this WhatsApp Mod application is quite easy to find on the internet and can be downloaded for free.

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