5 Ways to Sort Names or Words in Microsoft Excel Easily and Quickly!

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5 Ways to Sort Names or Words in Microsoft Excel Easily and Quickly!

For some people, using Excel may be considered less practical when compared to Word. Well, in fact, both are Microsoft Office products that have different functions. If Word is more used to type a written document (articles, papers, novels, etc.), Excel functions more as data processing.

We will learn to sort names in Excel quickly and easily here. Curious, right? Listen to the end, yes!
Sort data or names in Excel easily.

There are several simple ways or steps that you can do if you want to sort names or data in Excel. Microsoft, on its website, explains as follows.

  1. Select the data that you want to sort, for example, the data in cells A1, A2, A3, and so on.
  2. If it has been determined, select the name or data in a particular cell again.
  3. Click the tab in the Data section, then go to Sort & Filter or Short & Filter.
  4. Well, there will be an icon in the form of the letter AZ as in the picture above (in a red box).
  5. There are two types of sorting. You can choose A to Z or Z to A. See the arrow as a benchmark for sorting names or data.

In addition, you can sort data or names according to certain criteria. The method is somewhat similar, but there are some additions as follows.

  1. Determine and select which cells you will sort the data from.
  2. Click the Data tab and go to Short & Filter or Sort & Filter.
  3. Perform the steps as before. Adjust the sort by A to Z or Z to A (according to the image above).
  4. Go to Sorted on and select Cell Color, Cell Icon, Value, and Font Color.
  5. Now, in the Order list, you can sort based on their respective criteria, for example, letters, names, data, numbers, text, etc.

You know some of the steps above can be done quickly and easily. So, how’s it going? Sorting names and data in Excel is not that difficult, right? Come on, try it slowly. Hopefully, this article can help you, yes!

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