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5 Easy Ways to Create a Free WhatsApp Chatbot

5 Easy Ways to Create a Free WhatsApp Chatbot

Have you ever had a chatbot on the WhatsApp platform? If you haven’t, then do you know what a chatbot is? So, in order not to be curious about what a chatbot is and its benefits, and how to make it, you better read the following review.

What are WhatsApp chatbots?

WhatsApp Chatbot (WA) is an automated software powered by rules and artificial intelligence and is run by the WhatsApp platform. WA application users can communicate with chatbots through the chat interface as if they were talking to people in general. However, the existing set of message replies is automated simulations of the chatbot.

Specifically, WhatsApp chatbots are software programs that run on the WA platform in an encrypted manner. WhatsApp users will be able to communicate with chatbots instead of real individuals or real users.

WhatsApp chatbots can also be interpreted as artificial intelligence assistance in the form of virtual robots that can respond to WhatsApp users.

Benefits of WhatsApp chatbots

In general, WhatsApp chatbots can facilitate communication between users or customers with certain companies or businesses. With this WhatsApp chatbot, a business can run customer service practices automatically using virtual robots to serve customer complaints or carry out certain conversations.

For business people or entrepreneurs, the existence of a WhatsApp chatbot can support their business and enable two-way communication or conversations with customers automatically. Customers can get various information such as transaction status, purchases, catalogs, and various other things related to the business.

5 ways to create a WhatsApp chatbot

Before you create a WhatsApp chatbot, you first need to know what the WhatsApp API or (application programming interface) is. WhatsApp API is a tool or program connecting applications that present an interface that allows business people to receive and answer WhatsApp messages from customers without any specific limitations.

The WhatsApp API can generally be used for a single number with multiple admins. In addition, this program also allows business owners to automatically sync chat and save numbers and names automatically as well.

The 5 ways that can be done to create this WhatsApp chatbot are as follows.

1. Access the WhatsApp API site.

The first step to creating a WA chatbot is to access the WhatsApp API site via the following link. After that, you need to fill in several identity forms and make sure your business is in the legal category accepted by WhatsApp. You can check WhatsApp commercial data via the following link.

2. Determine the type of WhatsApp Business profile

Before creating a chatbot, business owners also need to determine what type of business WA profile they want. First, there is an official or official business account type, and the second is just a normal business account. Accounts with an official business type will get a green checkmark or badge next to the profile name.

3. Download the WhatsApp Business application.

Next, business owners can download WhatsApp Business to be able to build their business virtually via WA. Business owners can create a chatbot by first downloading WA Business via the following link.

For Android users, you can download this application via the following link. As for iPhone users, you can download WhatsApp Business via the following link.

4. Start the registration and verification process.

After that, business owners need to register the WhatsApp API through the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. After that, the business owner just needs to wait for the access to be approved.

In addition to going through the verification process above, business owners also need to integrate with Facebook Business Manager associated with a business account. This process can be done via the following link. Business owners need to prepare company names, site URL addresses, email domains, and Business Documents.

5. Enter automatic response or conversation

After filling out the form, business owners can start filling out the Whatsapp Business catalog with their various products. After that, the owner only needs to enter a few responses related to the transaction or buying and selling process.

An example of using this automatic response can be seen on the Whatsapp Business website. After that, business owners can start using the chatbot feature automatically with general responses that have been included in the program.

In addition to using the Whatsapp Business feature, business owners can also create chatbots through third-party applications that are easy to download on the Google Play Store or Apps Store. Several sites also provide a similar service for the creation of automated chatbots for businesses on WhatsApp.

Well, that was how to easily create a WA chatbot that you can apply to your small business. You can start selling products and set up a chatbot for your business via WhatsApp easily.

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