7 Reasons to Change Laptop or PC HDD to SSD Many Benefits

7 Reasons to Change Laptop or PC HDD to SSD, Many Benefits

7 Reasons to Change Laptop or PC HDD to SSD, Many Benefits

Computer and laptop technology is developing so rapidly from year to year. One of them is a matter of storage media. If, in the past, computers and laptops only used internal hard disk drive (HDD) storage media, now many computer users are looking at solid-state drives (SSDs).

Currently, SSDs are still not as popular as HDDs, but many newer laptops are equipped with SSDs instead of HDDs, especially laptops designed for gaming, graphic design, and content creators. Thus, it is clear that SSDs have many advantages over HDDs, and manufacturers and laptop users are starting to switch to using SSDs.

If you are also considering switching to an SSD, below will be presented some of the advantages of an SSD that might make you more determined to replace an HDD with an SSD.

1. Ultra-fast performance

SSD has a much faster read and writes speed compared to HDD. Therefore, you can transfer files and so on more quickly. In addition, searching for files and opening various heavy programs will also be faster. Also, the boot process for laptops that use SSDs is much faster than for HDDs.

So, using an SSD allows your productivity at work to increase. The time you work in front of the laptop will also not be wasted just waiting for the program to load.

2. More battery efficient

Inside the HDD, a moving component in the form of a disk makes HDD power so wasteful. On the other hand, SSDs don’t have any moving parts, so storage with SSDs requires very little power.

Replacing HHD with SDD will make the laptop battery last longer because it consumes less power. This is advantageous for those of you who often work with laptops outside because you don’t need to charge them frequently and look for a place with a power outlet.

3. Lighter

If you pay attention, at this time, laptops that have thin bodies generally use SSD storage media. The reason, SSD has a small physical size and is thin. Because of their smaller size, it is certain that SSDs also have a lighter weight.

If you want to use compact and high-performance storage media, SSD is the right answer to accommodate your needs.

4. There are no moving components, so it’s not noisy.

If you use a computer or laptop that uses HDD storage media, you must have felt vibrations on the device. This is because the HDD has moving components in the form of a disk. This dish is useful for storing data and will spin when a laptop or computer is used.

It’s different with SSDs that don’t use mobile devices at all. Thus, replacing the HDD with an SSD will make the computer more comfortable to use because there is no vibration from the disk that causes noise.

5. More secure

Many people think that SSD is more secure than HDD. The reason is that in the SSD, no moving components are used to store data, such as the disk on the HDD. Thus, the risk of file corruption becomes smaller.

In addition, the absence of mobile devices in the SSD makes this storage medium more resistant to shocks. It’s different with HDDs which are more sensitive to shocks because there are discs in them. For this reason, many people feel that SSDs offer better security than HDDs.

6. Not easy to heat

HDD works by applying mechanical elements that make it heat up faster. As a result, the computer or laptop will heat up easily, the performance will be slower, and the HDD will be damaged more easily.

In contrast, SSDs only use microchip components to read data. That way, a laptop that uses an SSD will not heat up easily, even if used for a long time.

7. More comfortable for multitasking

When opening many programs at once, the performance of a computer or laptop with HDD storage media will be slower, especially if you open heavy programs. However, you will not experience this problem using an SSD.

This is because the SSD read speed is very high, so you can multitask without making the laptop’s performance too slow. For this reason, SSDs are perfect for those who are used to working with heavy programs or multitasking.

So, are you interested in replacing HDD with SSD? Although SSD has a relatively more expensive price, this is, of course, following the advantages offered.

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