3 Ways to Charge an Electric Motor

There are certain things that must be considered so that charging can run optimally. Here are 3 ways to charge an electric motor that you can do

If a conventional motor is driven by fuel oil or fuel, then in an electric motor the source of the propulsion comes from electric power supplied by the battery. Because the power in this battery will run out along with the use of the electric motor, of course the power in the battery must be recharged so that the electric motor can continue to run.

Charging the electric motor battery is actually not that difficult. However, there are certain things that must be considered so that charging can run optimally. Well, here are 3 ways to charge an electric motor that you can do for your electric motor. Come on, take a look!

1. How to charge an electric motor battery at home

Because charging can be done anywhere as long as there is an electrical outlet, charging an electric motor battery can be done anywhere, including at home. The users of this electric motorbike usually charge the battery when they get home after riding, so that the electric motor can be immediately used again if it has been charged.

Here are step-by-step charging electric motor batteries at home:

  • Make sure the power in the battery does not drop to 0%. Always try to charge it before it reaches 20 to 10%.
  • Turn off the engine by turning the ignition key to the off position.
  • Remove the battery from the battery compartment of the electric motor.
  • Connect the charger socket to the battery first.
  • After the charger socket is connected to the battery, insert the charger plug into an electrical outlet.
  • If the battery is fully charged, immediately unplug the charger and do not allow it to overcharge.

2. How to charge an electric motor battery at a gas station

Like gas stations that accommodate various conventional vehicles for refueling, gas stations have also begun to be established at several locations to make it easier for electric vehicle users to charge the battery, including for electric motorcycles.
Many of these gas stations were established by various companies, ranging from state-owned enterprises or state-owned enterprises to other private companies. One of the SOEs that has built many gas stations is PLN. In order not to be confused when charging at a gas station,
here’s how to charge an electric motor battery at a gas station, especially one established by PLN:

  • Open the Charge.IN application and look for the nearest Gas Station, and make sure you have prepared the LinkAja payment application along with the balance because of the payment for charging at the State Electricity Company Gas Station using a payment tool via LinkAja.
  • After arriving at the Gas Station, open the cover of the charging slot on the electric motor.
  • Connect the charger connector to the charging slot.
  • Press the ‘Charging’ button.
  • Scan the QR Code Connector.
  • Enter the kWh value to be charged on the electric motor battery, make a reservation and confirm charging. The charging process will be carried out and wait for it to finish filling.

3. How to charge an electric motorcycle battery with a battery rental system

It turns out that not all electric motors can be freely charged when the battery runs out, you know. Several electric motor manufacturers implement a battery rental system. The system of this battery rental is that for every electric motor whose battery power has run out, the user can exchange it for a new battery by paying a certain amount of money.
Its function is still the same, namely ensuring that the power on the battery can be fully charged again. But because in this battery rental, all the batteries that are rented are in new condition, so the user feels more secure with the ‘health’ condition of the battery.
One of the electric motors that implement a battery rental system is ECGO. If you use an electric motorbike from ECGO, download and install the ECGO Bike application on your smartphone. In this application, you will see the location of the ECGO electric motor battery exchange, you can visit these locations closest to your residence.
If there is no battery exchange location near your area of ​​residence, you can order via this application and a courier will come to deliver a new battery.
This is how to charge an electric motor that can be done anywhere, whether at home or SPKLU. Charging this battery can also not only be charged like when charging an ordinary electronic device but can also be done using a battery rental system such as an ECGO electric motorcycle.
Ease of charging for electric vehicles is intended to attract people to start using electric vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. Well, if you’re already interested in trying electric vehicles, haven’t you?

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