10 most advanced robots in the world that you must know!

10 most advanced robots in the world that you must know!

Advances in technology are known to make human life easier. Realizing this, many technology companies are then trying to create various super-sophisticated robot technologies to help humans work. These robots are also known as AI or artificial intelligence.

Not only machines and a series of electronic components, but this robot also has intelligence that is able to amaze the world community. Here are the most advanced robots in the world:

Robot Erica

1. Erica

Erica is one of the intelligent robots developed by doctor Hiroshi Ishiguro, a talented scientist from the Department of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, Japan. In addition to having artificial intelligence, Robot Erica itself is equipped with a pretty charming facial appearance.

Erica is known to have appeared as a television newsreader broadcast by a Japanese TV station. His ability to learn and speak has managed to attract the attention of many parties. One of them is a film production from the United States, Bondlt Media Capital, which is interested in involving the robot Erica in one of its films with the Sci-fi genre.

Robot Shopia

2. Sophia

Sophia is one of Hong Kong’s advanced robots with artificial intelligence. This humanoid robot was first launched in 2016 by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics Company. Sophia is a female humanoid robot with the ability to communicate. In addition to talking, he is also able to show various facial expressions like humans.

Sophia’s face is based on the figure of a famous artist who is quite old, namely Audrey Hepburn. Sophia is claimed to be a robot that can help humans, especially the elderly who have limitations. Sophia herself is the only robot who gets citizenship from Saudi Arabia.



ASIMO is a humanoid robot shaped like an astronaut that was successfully created by one of the giant Japanese companies, Honda. The ASIMO itself is known to require a fairly long process, starting from 1986 until it was successfully released in 2000 ago.

Since it first appeared, ASIMO had indeed stolen the world’s attention because of its extraordinary abilities. Besides being able to communicate, the robot with a height of 120 cm and a width of 45 cm is known to be able to perform several movements such as walking, going up and down stairs, running, avoiding collisions, and even moving on its own without having to be operated by humans.

Robot Pepper

4. The next most advanced Pepper

The robot comes from the CARESSES company in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics. Robot with artificial intelligence was first introduced in Tokyo in 2014. This robot allows for communication. The Pepper robot is also programmed to understand human emotions.
Because of this ability, Pepper robots have been widely used by companies to help with services ranging from hospitals, shopping centers, banks, and airports. Until 2018, Robot Pepper itself has sold 12 thousand units to various countries in Europe. Pepper is one of the robots that can be hired to help humans.

Robot Aibo

5. Aibo

Aibo is one of the robots in the form of a puppy that is quite stealing the world’s attention. In addition to its cute shape, this robot has amazing artificial intelligence. Aibo was first introduced by the Sony company in 1999. This robot is known to be able to show various emotions.
Aibo can also be trained through the act of communication, allowing its owner to form unique behavior patterns. Since it was first released, this robot has indeed become one of the robots that are quite in demand. The price of each type of unit itself is quite high, which is around $1,700 to $6,669 US Dollars

Robot Toyota THR3

6. Toyota THR3

The next advanced robot has been successfully developed by a leading company in Japan. Toyota THR3 is a third generation robot with artificial intelligence, this robot can be used to help meet human needs.
After successfully demonstrating its ability to play lego and play musical instruments in the previous generation, Toyota again stole the attention by launching a robot with the latest, more innovative technology. THR3 itself is an artificial intelligence robot whose program is equipped with an advanced synchronization technology system that can be controlled by humans using the Virtual Reality Console.

Robot Sanbot

7. Sanbot

Sanbot is a humanoid robot developed by the company QIHAN Technology, China. QIHAN company itself is a company that focuses on developing robot technology, artificial intelligence, and also video analysis. Sanbot is a robot that is programmed to perform various functions.
Because of this ability, the Sanbot Robot is able to support various activities in several fields of work. Ranging from retail, education, health, and security to customer-oriented industries that want to deliver intelligent and personalized services.

Robot Walker

8. Walker

The next most advanced robot is called Walker. is a humanoid service robot created by the China-based company UBTECH Robotics. Although relatively new, the company is able to steal the public’s attention thanks to the technology it has initiated. This is evidenced by its success to enter as a finalist for The Best of CES in 2019

CES itself is an annual technology event that is quite influential on technological development. As a humanoid service robot, Walker is known to be able to assist and facilitate various daily human activities. He is also programmed to be able to communicate and do various housework according to his employer’s orders.

Robot AlphaDog

9. AlphaDog

Alpha Dog is a dog-shaped robot that can be used as a friend. The robot developed by WEILAN is equipped with various advanced technology systems such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, Autonomous Driving, Swarm Intelligence, and also 5G. AlphaDog itself is one of the robots that can run up to a speed of 3 meters per second.

In addition, this robot can also perform various movements like a real dog. Such as walking back and forth, jumping, climbing, turning, moving on uneven ground, and also performing various complex actions such as guarding the house, helping the blind, delivering packages even to carry out special rescue missions.

Robot Samsung Ballie

10. Samsung Ballie

At the CES exhibition held in 2020, Samsung managed to attract people’s attention with a unique ball-shaped robot called the Samsung Ballie. Robots with artificial intelligence were created to help with activities at home. Ballie is equipped with cameras and sensors that can detect the situation in the house.
In addition, this robot can also command a number of other machines such as a vacuum cleaner when it detects dirt on the floor and also turn on the television. Another thing that is quite interesting about the Ballie robot is that it can follow its owner while walking like a pet. Although it looks quite simple, but the ability of this robot is extraordinary.

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