What is a Backlink, Definition, Examples, and How to Make It

Besides being an important factor in SEO, backlinks are also a way to verify the authority and relevance of your website.

It is undeniable, backlinks are one of the important factors in SEO. Basically, a backlink is a link on a web that points to another site. When viewed from the perspective of search engines like Google, backlinks are considered as a way of verifying the authority and relevance of a website . Thus, it can be said that backlinks are a “sign of trust” for other sites on your site. Because, usually backlinks will only be given to sites that have trusted authority and content.

So, what are the benefits of backlinks that are important to know? How to make backlinks appropriately? Are there example backlinks that can be implemented on a website ? No need to wait long, immediately find answers to various questions about backlinks through this article.

What are Backlinks?

Quoted from niagahoster, backlink is a link posted on a blog/web that leads to blog/web .building activities Backlink also known as link building. In addition to backlinks, there are also terms external links and inbound links that are no less important to know. In the sundries, backlinks give backlinks and recipients of backlinks.

You can be referred to as a backlink when you include links or blogs other people’s web .recipient backlink when website gets a link giver backlink. Although it seems simple, in fact backlinks play an important role in the success of a website or blog .

Yes, backlinks can help the web find additional information that is not provided by the website . By adding backlinks to other websites , you can create high-quality content with complete information without deviating from the main idea. Thus, the number of backlinks you get from other websites can determine websites on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the website in the SERPs, the better your website ‘s SEO will be.

As one of the important aspects that can determine the position of the web in search engine searches, learning and understanding the concept of backlinks is not easy. The reason is, there are always rules from Google that limit the space for movement which is considered to be detrimental to many people. One of them, with the Google Penguin algorithm that is set to lower the ranking of sites with the number backlinks spam of irrelevant

Benefits Backlinks

Apart from SEO, backlinks also have various other benefits. The benefits backlinks for your site are as follows:

Increase web exposure

benefit backlinks is to increase web exposure. More backlinks that you get from other websites , the more exposure you will receive from traffic that web

Increase web

Benefits of backlinks are to increase the credibility of the web. Because, getting backlinks means that the website is trusted in producing high-quality content that is worth reading.

Improve your ranking on the SERPs

As mentioned earlier, backlinks can increase the chances of getting higher rankings on search results pages.

Make website indexed on search engines

The faster the index on Google, you will get a better level of visibility and organic traffic .

Build relationships with other sites

benefit backlinks is that it allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships with other websites that have the same niche.

Examples Backlinks

Please remember that a link can be said to be a backlink if it meets the following two conditions:

  • link leads to web another
  • link is a link or can be clicked.
If these two conditions are not met, the link in question cannot be said to be a backlink, for example for the keyword “Types of investment and How to Get Started Investing in Stocks“. Links on keywords lead to other pages on web . Thus, link cannot be said to be a backlink, but an internal link. However, if a link leads to a website , it can certainly be called a backlink.

How to Create Backlinks

Backlinks listed on the web that have high credibility in the eyes of search engines will have great power. Not just made, how to make backlinks is to pay attention to credibility which is measured by several aspects, namely as follows:

1. Pay attention domain authority

Domain authority (DA) is a measure of the strength of a website domain as a whole. In essence, DA is a domain that is worth 0 to 100. The higher the DA value you have, the more trusted and credible a website is. Therefore, how to create backlinks by placing backlinks on websites that have high DA is one of the right ways. However, it is not easy to get permission to do this.

2. Pay attention page authority

Page authority (PA) is the ranking on one page. Getting a high score on PA can only be done by maximizing the content on that page. Just like DA, the PA value of a page is 0 to 100.

3. Placing backlinks correctly

The placement of backlinks also affects the strength of backlinks. There is nothing wrong with placing backlinks in positions where there are more chances of being clicked, such as in the content of the article. This position is certainly better when compared to the footer or attribution which is rarely noticed by readers. On the other hand, placing backlinks in the article content will also make the article easier to index by search engines.

4. Pay attention to the types of backlinks

In the world of SEO, especially backlinks, there are two kinds of links, namely nofollow links and dofollow. A dofollow link is a link that when clicked will go to the web or page of the backlink linker and is valuable in the eyes of search engines. Meanwhile, a nofollow link is a link that when clicked will lead to a website or page that the backlink linker, but is of no value in the eyes of search engines. Please note that nofollow are not recognized by search engines as backlinks because links have a zero value. However, not a few SEO experts continue to create nofollow on the grounds that the content looks more natural in the eyes of search engines.

5. Provide backlinks that are relevant to the content

How to create backlinks with relevant links also greatly affects the strength of backlinks. Relevant in question is when the content of the article to be inserted backlink is relevant to the content of the backlink . Thus, backlink should not be done anywhere. Because it would be a waste of time.

6. Using anchor text the right

Usually, in a post on the web, the backlink to be inserted is in a text so that readers do not know the name of the website or the URL that is inserted in the article. The text that is visible and contains links is what is called anchor text. Thus, when creating articles on the web with a certain theme, you will use anchor text (not out of the theme). Please note that the use of anchor text is related to the credibility of the web because its value lies in the relevance of the words used.

Being one of the parts of off-page SEO, backlinks are one of the most important factors in website development. To achieve optimal results, a website needs to get backlinks from trusted sites and create content that is worthy of publication.

So many discussions about backlinks, starting from what a helper backlink, the benefits of backlinks, examples of backlinks, and how to make backlinks that you need to know. In addition to topics about backlinks, SEO, and various things about digital marketing, you can also add insight by reading articles about work, economics, market strategy, and so on here.

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