Backlink Tier Organizing Backlink Strength

Backlink Tier: Organizing Backlink Strength

SEO is an action that requires seriousness in running it. In addition, seriousness, patience, good reading, and taking opportunities are other characteristics that SEO activists must own. In addition to quality content that must be prioritized, several other factors significantly affect a website’s ranking on search engine pages (SERPs). One of them is quality and optimal backlinks. And this backlink management effort is effective, safe, and has significant strength. Ordinary SEO activists use tiered backlink tricks or tiered links.

The Importance of Backlinks

Undoubtedly, the strength of backlinks is a significant factor in SEO. The power of a backlink is one of the benchmarks for a website to gain the strength to crawl to the top position of the SERP. The stronger the backlink, the better the power of the website to get to the top position. Strong backlinks are quality backlinks. Backlinks that are few but safe and of better quality than backlinks that are many but of poor quality.

That’s why many SEO actors use a backlink checker to measure the strength of competitors and analyze the stability of competitors’ backlinks. By knowing the power of backlinks in terms of the number and the types of backlinks used by competitors, we can at least imitate the pattern that competitors have done. ‘Organizing’ backlinks to obtain safe and powerful backlinks requires a backlink tier in optimization

Understanding Backlink Tier

What is meant by backlink tier? What is the importance of optimization?
Tier backlinks are tiered or tiered links. In general, the composition of the backlink tier is as follows:

Backlinks strengthen the main website or money site on websites that are included in the first tier group (tier 1). while websites that are in tier 1 are reinforced by backlinks which will later be grouped into tier 2. and tier 2 is strengthened again with backlinks that are in tier 3 and so on.

Backlink Tier : Organizing Backlink Strength

Tiered links have a very important function in optimization. Even tier backlinks should be in the planning notes when building a website to be optimized.

The Function of Using Tier Backlinks

Because of this important use, the planning of the backlink tier structure or arrangement that will be used must be really precise and mature.

1. Cleaning the website

Google’s algorithm always monitors the websites that exist and circulate in all corners of the virtual world. Although they have issued Google Webmaster guidelines which are expected to be obeyed by the actors of the website and SEO world, the fact is that many parties work slyly in order to get a position in the SERP.

With backlink tier planning, we can filter backlinks. Unnatural backlinks are not placed in strategic positions. With the backlink tier, we can design that the backlinks that are directly related to the money site are really quality backlinks and are safe from Google Algorithm attacks. This means that the backlink is a clean backlink.

2. Powerful backlinks

With clean backlinks from harmful links and moreover these backlinks come from websites that have high credibility in the eyes of search engines, it can be said that we have strong (powerful) backlinks. That’s why the placement of the backlink position on the tier must be appropriate. Don’t let bad backlinks even be in the early tier.

3. Avoiding penalties

The use of the right backlink tier can make our website avoid being punished directly if the Google Algorithm hits it, be it automatic or manual punishment. How not, we can plan the placement of backlinks carefully and put bad backlinks in the final tier position or tier far from the money site. Although when there is a penalty, the SERP ranking can go down too, with the right structure and thinking and anticipating risks from the start, the website will be safer.

Tier 1 Backlinks

First-tier tiered links should contain top-quality backlinks. This link must be a website that has high authority and of course, does not have the potential to get a penalty from Google. In addition, the content inserted by tier 1 backlinks must be the best content. There are two ways to build tier 1 backlinks:

1. Guest posts

You can use other websites that are willing to provide guest posts. If you agree to exchange backlinks, then ensure your website and the people you collaborate with have a niche that allows content to enter and has the same level of authority.

Another way is to pay someone else to include a backlink from you and pay some money for this service. Actually, this method is prohibited by Google because it is included in the buying and selling of backlinks. But this method is mostly done by developers.

2. Build your own website

This second way is complicated but safe. This way, you don’t have to pay anyone to embed your backlinks. The trick is to build your own website and maximize it so that the website can become a good website in terms of ranking.

This method is quite hard work because you have to create content and develop your own website. It’s best to make it look natural. Make sure you fill in the backlink, not just yours. You can add external links from other popular websites in the same industry.

Tier 2 Backlinks

Tier 2 backlinks can be placed on things that have lower quality than before. It serves to optimize tier 1 backlinks. The requirements for second-level links are slightly looser than tier 1 backlinks. You can build tier 2 backlinks in the following ways:

1. Private blog network (PBN)

PBN is a blog that was built for website optimization purposes. . Even though it is a network, the blogs do not intersect with one another. PBNs are usually built in large numbers. The more PBN the better, but the management will be more difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

2. Build a website 2.0

The easiest way is to build a free website like Blogger or WordPress. You can build a free website, and if you have quality content, it will boost the ranking of websites whose backlinks are planted in website 2.0 content.

3. Article

Directory The article directory can be used for tier 2 backlinks. The article directory is a website that is used as a medium for writing articles by anyone who registers. Some article directories will generate backlinks with the no-follow attribute, so you must be careful when choosing them. You can use Medium, Kompasiana, Gumroad, and the like for that purpose.

Tier 3 Backlinks

backlinks Tier 3 backlinks are backlinks with the worst quality of the previous backlinks. These backlinks are built to support websites that contain tier 2 backlinks. You can take advantage of directories that have low quality. You can also use a backlink profile.

Some SEO activists use backlink generators for backlinks at this level. Indeed, by using a backlink generator for tier 3 backlinks, the main website that you optimize will be safe, but we recommend using safe tricks, or at least in the ‘grey hat SEO area to build tier 3 backlinks.

When to Build Tier Backlinks?
Building tiered links are referred to as a gray strategy or commonly referred to as ‘grey hat SEO. This means that this method is not entirely good. However, for security, this method is commonly used by SEO experts. This is the reason why using a tier backlink strategy:

1. Tight competition

Nowadays, every business is racing to be in a position in the SERP. Even for local keywords, though. All safe efforts are needed to win this competition, one of which is to use a backlink tier strategy. Using this strategy must be careful because the longer the Google algorithm is getting more sophisticated.

2. Exchange links

When you have the opportunity to exchange links with other people, it is not necessarily their website that has the same quality as your website. It could be that their website is ranked on a tier 1 backlink if the website is on yours. Therefore, you need to prepare a balanced website.

By having a tier backlink scheme, at least you have your own website ranking according to the quality of the website. Thus you can exchange links on websites that have any rank.


In optimizing a website, the planning step is significant. With planning, the power used can be measured, and the resources used can be controlled. Like war, we don’t need to spend much of war energy mastering the right strategy.

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