What is Codeigniter explanation and how to make a website with Codeigniter

What is Codeigniter? explanation and how to make a website with Codeigniter.

Codeigniter is known in the world of web development as one of the ideal hypertext preprocessor (PHP) frameworks for building web-based applications. Although various similar frameworks exist, Codeigniter is relatively easy to use and simpler. Therefore, if you plan to study the field of web development, then you need to refer to the following review of Codeigniter.

What is Codeigniter

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is a PHP (hypertext preprocessor) framework based on the model-view-controller (MVC). As an MVC-based PHP framework, Codeigniter technically has an architectural pattern that separates the application into different logical components, namely modeling, display, and controller.

Codeigniter is used to develop web applications due to its simple nature quickly. Codeigniter technically provides external libraries to connect it to the database to perform various operations such as sending emails, uploading documents, managing sessions, etc.

Codeigniter is commonly used because it is open source. In addition, this framework is very time efficient for building dynamic websites. The British Columbia Institute of Technology now manages this PHP framework created by EllisLab.

In the process of developing the web, Codeigniter was built by shortening the writing of code and scripting languages ​​for servers. The content of Codeigniter consists explicitly of libraries, a simple interface, and a logical structure for accessing libraries, as well as plug-ins and some help for solving complex PHP functions.

In other words, Codeigniter can maintain performance while simplifying PHP code and delivering dynamic and interactive websites. Codeigniter generally supports PHP version 5.2.6 or later and MySQL version 4.1. This makes websites built with Codeigniter more robust with code that is easier to read and maintain.

Differences between Laravel VS Codeigniter

Almost similar to Codeigniter, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that developers commonly use. Laravel is intended for web application development with the MVC architectural pattern. In addition, Laravel is released under license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Therefore, Laravel can be used with source code from GitHub. The specialty of Laravel is that the language is expressive and accurate. Although both are PHP frameworks, in general, Codeigniter has fundamental differences from other popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel. The differences between the two are as follows.


  • Object-oriented
  • Does not come with built-in authentication features
  • Does not have unit testing tools
  • It is functionally object-based.
  • Easy to learn for beginners as it has a simple toolkit


  • Object-relational orientation
  • Comes with authentication features
  • Has built-in unit testing tools
  • Component-based
  • Hard for beginners to learn as it offers lots of extra features

How to create a dynamic website with Codeigniter

To create a dynamic website, Codeigniter users need a database and a widget to build a collection of information. The user needs to create a widget with CRUD or Create, Read, Update Delete to retrieve a widget from the database. In detail, the following are the steps that can be taken to create a dynamic networking site using Codeigniter.

  • Creating a database via CRUD
  • Setting up a database by filling data model for widgets such as information variable set.
  • Setting Codeigniter via “.systemapplicationconfigdatabase.php” and base URL in “.systemapplicationconfigure.php” folder
  • Create a controller in the “.systemapplicationcontrollersfolder” folder and set it as the default controller in “.systemapplicationconfigroutes.php”
  • Create a widget according to variable information to be used via CRUD and user input via documents in the folder “.systemapplicationviews.

That briefly explained Codeigniter and how CRUD’s main steps in creating dynamic networking sites. For those of you who are interested in the world of Web Developing, of course, knowledge about Codeigniter can help you to develop.

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