5 Benefits of Having an Indifference No More Overthinking

5 Benefits of Having an Indifference, No More Overthinking!

Indifference is a way of dealing with things nonchalantly and not thinking too much about what other people think. This method is not always negative you know. On the other hand, having a nonchalant attitude is very important to avoid feeling too sad or disappointed about an event.

This attitude will also be very helpful in maintaining mental health, especially from the words of others that have the potential to bring it down. By being so stupid, you don’t really think much about what other people say. So here are some of the benefits of having an Indifference attitude:

1. Focus more on your own development and goals.

The era that continues to develop, must be in harmony with self-development so as not to sink into the flow. The way to keep yourself focused on development and goals is to have an indifferent attitude, especially from inputs that make you down.
In living this life, of course, you will not always get positive comments. You will also meet people who like to drop out and hinder self-development to move forward. By focusing on the purpose of life, you will forget and no longer worry about the negative comments of others.

2. Minimize deep disappointment.

Disappointment arises when what is expected is not in line with reality. Always wishing on others will make you tired and unhappy. One thing to remember, the only one who definitely accompanies all of your life processes in all circumstances is yourself. Others can just come in, stop for a while, then leave.
So when someone else suddenly comes along, trying to bring you down and down, you won’t fall into his trap. If you have a very stupid nature, then you will be able to control your own reaction and not let the disappointment continue to drag on.

3. Helping you find your identity

Finding your identity is the process of seeking your own authenticity. The process of self-discovery is something that is difficult because of many influencing factors and is full of trial and error.
Along the way, you may think too much about other people’s views. If you keep worrying about what other people think, it will be hard to find out who you really are. What other people say, is very likely not true and does not match who you really are. By trying to be so stupid, you will still listen to your conscience.

4. Feel enough and accept yourself as you are

What is enough? Enough is when you can thank yourself for everything you have, good or bad. You can enjoy all the processes and stages of life.
You can feel good about yourself by stopping to dwell on other people’s comments. Especially as long as you don’t do things that harm other people.
Feeling content is the key to happiness. No matter how big your money is, when you don’t have enough, it means nothing. So, by being very stupid, you will also be grateful for what you have.

5. Easier to enjoy life

By having a very stupid attitude, you will no longer be too often compare yourself with the lives of others. You will also not think too much about every other person’s words and judgments of yourself.
If you always compare your achievements with others, you will potentially feel jealous, and insecure, so you will find it difficult to enjoy life. You continue to dwell on your weaknesses without looking at your own strengths. Now, by being stupid, you will enjoy the life you are living now.
So those are some of the benefits of having a very stupid attitude. Of course, a very positive attitude, yes, not an attitude of running away from responsibility.

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