Beware of Burnout Syndrome Heres How to Overcome It

Beware of Burnout Syndrome, Here’s How to Overcome It

The work routine is not uncommon to feel very tiring. Making all energy drained, stress becomes unavoidable. Caused by work pressure, the stress that might come can bring health problems called burnout syndrome.

What is burnout syndrome? And how to solve it? Check out the explanation in this article until the end.

What is Burnout Syndrome

Before moving on to the next discussion, let’s get to know the definition of burnout first.

Burnout is a condition of exhaustion that occurs physically, emotionally, and mentally in a person. Usually, burnout is caused by prolonged and excessive stress due to work.

This condition can reduce productivity and make energy drained. In fact, it can make you feel hopeless, helpless, and constantly feeling resentful and cynical.

In addition, burnout syndrome is also caused because you feel overwhelmed by the workload that has piled up or the orders of your superiors at the office that is constantly hitting you. However, you cannot fulfill it.

Conditions due to burnout can continue to occur. If left unchecked, it can have bad consequences, namely decreased interest in work and motivation to carry out the work. That way, work performance continues to decline as well.

Burnout syndrome does not only have an impact on mental conditions but also on physical health. Usually, the physical symptoms that arise due to burnout are headaches, frequent pain, sleep disturbances, muscle aches, stomach aches, or other digestive problems.

How to Overcome Burnout Syndrome

When experiencing burnout, you may feel alone and sink into a feeling of exhaustion. Before things drag on, you need to get over it. Here are some ways to overcome burnout that Markshare suggests.

  1. Finding the Cause
    First, find out why you are experiencing burnout. By knowing the things that cause you to feel burnout, you can take the right steps to solve the problem.
  2. Set Priority Scale
    If by chance you are burnout caused of a lot of work to do, try to review the workload. Communicate what you are experiencing and feeling with your superiors in the office. Maybe, you can work with your boss to equalize perceptions and manage the urgency of work so that you feel less burdened.
  3. Talk to Others
    Talking about your burdens to others can reduce the burden and relieve the stress you are experiencing. Share and tell your worries to people you trust, so you get support and get excited again.
  4. Perform regular relaxation and exercise
    To prevent burnout, you can get used to doing relaxation activities that are useful for preventing stress. For example, yoga and meditation.
    In addition, you can also do regular exercise to help you avoid stress. Exercise is not only good for physical health but also has a very positive impact on mental health.
  5. Enough rest
    Sleep duration is very influential on health and work performance. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep so that your health is maintained and your body stays fit.


That’s an explanation of burnout syndrome that you must know. If you are experiencing it and feel that it is interfering with work activities and daily activities, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the closest person to a professional expert.

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