7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

You may have heard the words of wisdom, eyes are windows to the world, because with their eyes we can see the beautiful scenery around us. Eyes also allow us to read interesting books and watch our favorite movies, even some professions rely heavily on the ability of the eyes to work properly, for example videographers and editors, because their function is very important, eye health must also be maintained as well as possible.

7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

In this article, we will discuss all kinds of ways that you can do to maintain eye health, besides being able to improve the quality of your vision, the ways that I will tell you can also help prevent you from developing eye diseases.

curious? read this article to the end.
Every day, we do many things by relying on the ability of our eyes, starting from reading, watching movies, working to playing social media, cleaning the house also relies on the ability of our eyes, because without seeing, of course, it is difficult to know which parts of the house need cleaning. In average, all daily activities rely on the ability of the eye.

But what rarely happens with age, this eye function can also decrease if eye health is not maintained properly from an early age or when you are still young it is not possible for you to experience certain complaints or conditions that can interfere with vision such as tired eyes, dry eyes, blurry vision or even blurred vision. cataract.
You don’t want to experience it do you? Well calm down to maintain the health of your eyes we have tips.
Now I will explain what ways you can do to maintain eye health so read carefully.

Regularly check your eyes to the doctor

1. Regularly check your eyes to the doctor

Actually, both children, adults and parents are recommended to have their eyes checked regularly at least every two years.
Adults over the age of 40 are even advised to have their eyes checked more often, which is once a year. Why? because eye function can decline over time with regular eye exams, so you can better monitor eye health and detect eye problems early. So if you have eye health problems, treatment can be given as soon as possible so that your eye disease does not get worse.

7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

2. Consuming Nutritious Food

You may already know that one of the foods that can make your eyes healthy is carrots. Not only that, carrots can also support visual acuity.
But besides carrots, there are actually many other foods that you can consume to maintain eye health. Some examples of these foods are fish, green vegetables, eggs, nuts and citrus fruits.

7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

3. Limit Gadget Use

Too long staring at a cellphone, TV or computer screen not only makes eyes tired and sore but can also cause headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back also makes vision a bit blurry.
If you have to stare at a computer screen for a long time because of work, it’s a good idea to give your eyes a break. With the 20-20-20 method, which is to direct your eyes towards a distance of at least 20 feet or six meters for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, you can also rest your eyes for 15 minutes every two hours. It may seem trivial, but it has been proven effective in reducing eye fatigue due to use. gadgets.
Then if it turns out that your eyes are already sore, you can also blink a few times or use eye drops that are sold freely in the market.
7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

4. Avoid Excessive UV/Ultraviolet Exposure

At certain hours of exposure to Ultraviolet rays or sunlight is good for skin health, but too often or too long exposure to Ultraviolet rays can also interfere with eye health.
Some eye disorders that can be caused by excessive exposure to Ultraviolet rays are cataracts, corneal damage, and even eye cancer, so when the sun is hot and you have to do outdoor activities for a long time, you should use a hat and sunglasses. to protect your eyes.
7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

5. Avoid Smoking Habits

It’s no secret that smoking actually has absolutely no benefits for your health, even smoking has many negative effects on the body, including for the eyes.
Research shows that smokers are at a higher risk of serious eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and optic nerve damage that can lead to blindness.
So if you want your eyes to be healthy, avoid and stop this bad habit.
7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

6. Be careful when using make up

For various aesthetic reasons, not a few people like to use make-up, not only when hanging out or working, even when they are at home.
Actually wearing make up is okay but remember to be careful when using it.
This is because liquid or cream make-up is generally more easily contaminated with bacteria if it is not used for a long time, while fine-grained make-up such as powder is very easy to enter the eyes if used excessively. in the eye area can contain germs that can cause eye infections. Not only that, expired make-up can also harm the health of your skin and eyes.
So it would be better if you are more careful in using make-up and regularly replace it when it is more than three months.
In addition, be diligent in washing make-up equipment so that it is always clean when used.
7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

7. Exercise regularly

Hah? What is the relationship between exercise and eye health?
Make no mistake, according to research, exercise can reduce the risk of eye disease and even reduce the risk of vision loss due to high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels. If you want to try to exercise regularly, you don’t need to start with anything strenuous, just take a leisurely walk, jog or bike ride, it doesn’t matter what you do consistently, which is about 150 minutes per week or 20-30 minutes. one day.
If you exercise regularly, it is hoped that your eye health will always be maintained, not only eye health but the health of your body as a whole.
7 Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

In addition to some of the ways that I have mentioned earlier, if you want your eyes to always be healthy and free from eye diseases, you are also advised to avoid the habit of reading and looking at your cellphone in a dark place or while lying down.
Of course, lying down or lying down is indeed good for watching or reading on a cellphone, but because it can make your eyes tense and get tired easily from now on, try reducing this habit.
In addition, when reading, try not to get too close to the cellphone or book as much as possible, keep the distance between your eyes and reading about 25-30 cm.
So, those were the ways you can do to maintain eye health. If you are still confused about where to start, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.
okay, that’s all for my explanation in this article, hopefully it will be useful if you have other health topics that you want to discuss on indopedia, just write them in the comments column.

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