5 Tips to Increase Confidence. Overcoming the Mental That Often Falls

5 Tips to Increase Confidence. Overcoming the Mental That Often Falls

On this occasion, we will discuss a topic, namely How do we increase our self-confidence
where for example one day, we felt mentally weak, our mentality was down as if we couldn’t do anything because we were so scared at that time. In this article, we will tackle this problem.

There are several things that can be done to increase our self-confidence, where we can improve our mentality to be better than before. Check out the following tips,

Tips 1.) Often use the word “I can do it”. in everything you do say that you can.

the root of the problem Why can we be down, Why can we be weak? Why can we be pessimistic?.
because in us the words “I can definitely do it” are never embedded in us, so from now on if we want to be more confident in ourselves, just say it once before doing something and believe the word “I can definitely”. then slowly you will become a person who is much more confident than before.

Tips 2.) Never feel that you are the stupidest.

Do you think everyone in this world is smart? and you’re the only one that’s stupid
Of course, you don’t live in society around you, it’s definitely a lot of people who may not be too smart.

Example: Your friend is not very smart in field A but you are smarter in that field and vice versa maybe your friend is smart in field B but you can’t in field B so don’t be discouraged. all of them have advantages and disadvantages, each has its own measure.

Tips 3.) Find your inspiration.

sometimes to move ourselves to be more optimistic, to be more confident we need character.
For example your hobby is playing music, you can play guitar, piano, and drums. But if you are asked to play in front of many people, you feel inferior as if you are someone who can’t do anything.
For that first find out who your inspiration is, for example, your inspiration is a famous guitarist in the world, you are inspired to see he can and it’s as if you think if he can then I can too,
that’s what can encourage you to become a much more confident person yourself, then your mentality will never go down.

Tips 4.) Keep practicing over and over

Repeating something that will get something too
Example 1: you read a book over and over again then you can at least remember what the book contains.
Example 2: you listen to a song then you sing along to the song repeatedly every day, until one month I’m sure you will memorize the song as well as your mentality.
we have to get used to being open in front of many people, and never feel ashamed because we are all the same there is no more perfect person in this world.

Tips 5.) enjoy all the processes you do.

When we feel inferior, we actually feel uncomfortable feeling anxious.Why can? 

We are uncomfortable because we don’t enjoy the process we are doing, try to enjoy everything we do, the flow that we do. say that it is our fashion, say that it is our hobby. by itself we will get used to it and feel comfortable much more confident than before.
Remember a process is not just left to pass, but enjoy the process so you don’t regret it in the future.

Thank you that’s all I can say this time, hopes this can be useful for all of you

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