Tips for Managing Finances for New Couples
Tips for Managing Finances for New Couples

Tips for Managing Finances for New Couples

Tips for Managing Finances for New Couples

Every couple must have goals or dreams. Not infrequently this refers to money to be able to achieve it. When you are single, it may not be too difficult to manage finances because there are not too many needs that must be met. It’s different after marriage. There is a priority in every decision.

The financial position in the family is very important to note. This cannot be ignored so that it flows by itself. If not managed properly, it can have a bad effect on households.

When you are married, you have to spend a lot of budgets every month. It is even mandatory for needs. If there is not enough management, it is possible that the money you get will suddenly run out prematurely. Not knowing the direction of the family finances.

This time the author will share tips based on personal experience in managing family finances. The author is a new couple who needs to be careful using family money so that the household finances can be stable. Previously, I had experienced money running out prematurely, so as time went on I continued to learn and find ways to manage money.

At first, the money we had was used for whatever needed to be spent at that time. All money into one without any financial posts. So that before the end of the month they often run out and are confused about which money to use.

The tips for managing finances that the author uses are based on a priority scale for mandatory household needs. Don’t forget to also consider investing and sudden money if needed at any time outside of the plan that might happen.

The following is an explanation of our family’s financial management. There are several steps that must be done:

  • Prepare envelopes or other forms of money storage. There are at least 6-8
  • Name the envelope according to the needs of each family
  • Enter the nominal as needed.
  • Record your finances in and out, to find out the direction of the money used.
  • If there is leftover at the end of the month, it can be used to increase savings.
Currently, the author has prepared eight envelopes that have been mailed according to their names. First; envelope for KPR every month, second; wifi pay envelope, third; electricity token purchase envelope, fourth; the cost of buying gasoline for the husband, fifth; the need for water every month, sixth; daily shopping needs for one month, too; investment money, eighth; emergency money.Before entering each envelope, there is extraordinary money that is taken first, namely the saving money that the author sets aside. If the savings are waiting for the end of the month, the money usually runs out before that time. So to find family finances safe, we set aside savings early.

Of course, in addition to classifying money according to priority, it is necessary to suppress desires that can still be postponed. In order to achieve financial stability in the family. This is one of the tips for managing finances. Hopefully, it can be useful.

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