Simple Attractive and Profitable Business
Simple, Attractive and Profitable Business

Profitable, Attractive And Simple Business

Simple, Attractive and Profitable Business

Business An online-based business is one of the businesses that is run by utilising online platforms. An online business is a business that promises anyone can run an online business as long as they are technology literate.

And every online business that will be run must have a smartphone and internet quota. In fact, there are several online businesses that can be started without spending capital. Is it possible? Let’s discuss it below.

Starting an Online Shop Business

Many people are curious about how to start an online business but have no previous experience.

That’s not a problem because every time you start a business, there must be a first time. Some things must be considered when starting an online business, namely:

1. Understand what you are going to sell

The main point in starting an online business is knowing what to sell.
For example, there is a buyer (consumer) who asks, while the seller does not know what is being sold, of course, it has an impact on a buyer (consumer), then a buyer will hesitate and not make a transaction or buy

2. Market

Because there is market potential, transactions can occur at any time.
Before starting an online business, sellers should understand market conditions (market).
The seller can see opportunities in the field by understanding the marketing conditions.

3. Buyers (consumers)

As a seller, you cannot escape a buyer’s (consumer) existence. Therefore, the seller must understand what the buyer (consumer) needs and wants.
It is intended that sellers are able to compete for both in terms of price and quality. The price difference is the main attraction for buyers (consumers).

4. Suppliers

In a business, the seller cannot be separated from the existence of a supplier. Both are very synergised in terms of advancing the business.
Choosing a good and quality supplier is the main key to the success of a business.

5. Product and Marketing The

A seller will be remembered if he has a product (brand) that has a characteristic in that product.
Regarding marketing, sellers can use online media such as Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, official websites and other e-commerce.
Using these media can minimise costs.

The following is an example of an online business:

1. Reseller
Online business is quite easy and simple, for example, becoming a reseller. Resellers are the first alternative to starting an online business.

2. Online Courses The
The world is now using sophisticated tools it can benefit others, but now many language courses or knowledge-based online.

3. Dropship
Dropship is the sale of products purchased from other online stores but using the store’s own name.

That’s what distinguishes dropship and reseller. Becoming a dropshipper does not require stock.

And the advantages of being a dropshipper, namely a business without capital. Skincare is one of the dropshipping businesses that is still being marketed.

Lately, e-commerce is getting more and more interesting, that’s why just market the product on social media and e-commerce.

In addition, the seller also does not think about other costs such as warehouse costs, rent and others. So do not be surprised that this business is very popular with people.

Business tips to become a dropshipper:

  1. Choose a trusted supplier
  2. Find out the latest stock and market prices
  3. Modify product photos
  4. Record all transactions (expenses and income)
  5. Create interesting content

Some of the advantages of being a dropshipper:

  1. Using low capital, minimal
  2. It can be run anywhere
  3. Easy to run
  4. Has a lot of varied products
  5. No need to have a warehouse (storage)
  6. No need to take care of packaging and shipping goods

Disadvantages of dropship:

  1. Low profit because it must be shared with suppliers
  2. Dropshippers do not guarantee the availability of goods
  3. The quality of goods from suppliers forms the good name of the dropshipper
  4. Errors in product delivery often occur because of suppliers

Today is the centre of technological progress.
Therefore, online business is one of the businesses favoured by some people because it is enough to use social media. That is all, and thank you.

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