How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners its Very Easy

How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners, it’s Very Easy

How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners, it's Very Easy
How to Become a YouTuber for Beginners – Yes, who doesn’t know YouTube, YouTube is currently on the rise with various types of videos in it ranging from vlogs, games, cooking, and even tutorials.
Many people are starting to aspire to become famous YouTubers. Don’t worry, for those of you who don’t really understand how to become a YouTuber, here are easy steps that can be learned and practiced.
Being a content creator is no longer underestimated, besides being able to make you famous, you can also provide income every month. This step can be started in the following way:

Make sure to Have a Google Email Google

A Gmail account serves as a tool for signing up or creating a YouTube account. The method is very easy, open the official Gmail site and follow the registration steps.
When you create a Gmail account, you will be asked to fill out several forms regarding your personal data, starting from your age, gender, date of birth, and residential address.
After completing the form and creating a password, you will then be asked to fill in your mobile number to reconfirm the account you have created.

Creating a YouTube Account

Talking about being a YouTuber, of course, you must have a Youtube account first. How to?
The Gmail account that you have created above serves to log in to YouTube. It will automatically go into it.
Once you have a YouTube account, be sure to create a “YouTube Channel” by clicking on the “My Channels” menu section, then setting your channel name.
This serves for the identity and content to be created. Be sure to provide a simple and unique name and description for visitors to remember.

Creating Videos or Content

The challenge for a YouTube content creator is the ability to create interesting videos or content. However, it must be accepted by many people, especially YouTube connoisseurs.
You can create various videos by creating the content you like. Examples: unboxing videos, vlog videos, cooking videos, song covers, makeup tutorial videos, and others.
For beginners, it is recommended to present videos that are not too long or too short, the duration is approximately 5 to 10 minutes so that the audience does not get bored. If you don’t have adequate equipment, just use a smartphone camera.

Video Editing

After the video is finished, it’s a good idea to edit it first. This is because the video you have is a composite of several events. Therefore, don’t just edit one video. In addition, make sure that there is continuity from section to section.
For video editing, you can use filmora, adobe and other software or if you use a smartphone you can use KineMaster or other video editing applications you can look for it in the PlayStore or in the AppStore. When editing a video you can add various effects, such as adding an emoji image to the sound. So, videos will be more interesting to watch.

Upload Videos

How to become a YouTuber for the next beginner is to make sure you have given a title to each video with keywords that are easy to find by search engines.
You can also use one of the Search Engine Optimization tools. Then, make sure the “Thumbnail” is unique so that many people are interested in seeing the video.
Thumbnails are thumbnail images of the video display that appear when people find search content.
Then fill in the video description with clear and interesting sentences and include the keywords. If necessary, also add appropriate hashtags to related videos for easy discovery.

Promote Videos

For beginner YouTubers, when the video is finished uploading, there will be very few visitors who see the channel, the reason lies in the lack of subscribers or and your channel is still new because youtube has not indexed it.
You can share video links to get traffic on various social media platforms that you have, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit, WhatsApp, and others.
This method is quite difficult, namely collaborating with other YouTubers who have more subscribers so that your channel can be seen by many people. It is very effective especially for novice YouTubers to increase their channel traffic.
Another way you can advertise your channel or your video is through google ads, of course, this method must use capital that may not be small, but this method is very effective if you find the right target market.

Respect Viewers & Subscribers

After watching a video, some people will leave their mark in the comments column. There are good and bad expressions.
However, you need to be able to control yourself, for example ignoring bad sentences and replying to some good ones in an effort to get closer to the audience.
Especially if the comment means asking, trying to respond, or just giving a like. The response is very influential on your subscribers. In addition, as a form of communication between the audience and content creators.

Create a Google Adsense Account for YouTube

Maybe some of you are wondering, where does the money for YouTubers come from? The answer relates to the Google Adsense account.
After uploading various videos YouTube will review your content if the content meets certain criteria, your content you can submit ads.
For now, the requirement for your videos to be monetized by YouTube is amassing at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. However, you have to go through a fairly strict selection process, namely, your content will be reviewed manually from the related YouTube.
From this ad, you will get income and payments will be made through your Adsense account every month.
So, there are various ways to become a Youtuber, hopefully, no worries or confusion to get started as a content creator. Don’t give up if your content is not optimal, try to upload new content at least once a week.

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