5 Common Mistakes Mutual Fund Investors Make
5 Common Mistakes Mutual Fund Investors Make

5 Common Mistakes Mutual Fund Investors Make

5 Common Mistakes Mutual Fund Investors Make

In 2021 you could say a year where there are so many young people who are already literate about investment and even some of them know a lot about investing in mutual funds, which are currently being used again. I discussed.

This is because there are so many young people who have started to become aware of what is called financial literacy plus there is a lot of creator content on Youtube, Blogs that discuss this issue, so this information is what makes the number of investors in Indonesia grow.

Even though many people have been educated, in practice there are still a lot of people who sometimes get confused when they want to invest in mutual fund products, and in the end, they make very, very fatal mistakes in the future.

1. Don’t know what the purpose of investing is

This is a mistake that in my opinion is quite fatal if it is likened to when you are ordering an online motorcycle taxi, but you yourself don’t know why you ordered an online motorcycle taxi and you don’t know what you want. to which area.

Basically, when you want to start investing, you have to be able to define your investment goals, for example, whether you want to buy a car, get married, for a pension fund, and so on so that with this reference, you can know your investment goals.

2. Investors who do BMSA

BMSA is short for Buy Morning Sell Afternoon, this one investor can be said to be the type of investor who is impatient, seeing his portfolio makes a little profit selling, looking at the stock market which is in a stable condition, there is a sense of wanting to sell, and so on.

As you know, when you try to become an investor, of course, you will not do what is called BPJS, and a new type of investor will sell their mutual fund assets after their investment goals have been completed and the period of time they have used is long enough whether it’s 5 to 10 years. forward.

If you do something called BPJS, it’s clearly a Trader and not an Investor.

3. Carelessly in buying mutual fund products

I still meet people like this quite often, he wants to be an investor in mutual funds but he himself doesn’t know what the mutual fund products he buys contain, what are the prospects for the future, what is the performance like total how many assets are managed, and so on.

If you feel like this, I would advise you to learn what a mutual fund is, there are several types of mutual funds and risks. So with this, you can choose a mutual fund product that suits you and of course, have a sense of confidence that the mutual fund you choose will have good performance.


For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the word “Fomo” Fomo is an abbreviation of Fear of Missing Out which means a phenomenon where someone will feel afraid because they themselves do not follow a new thing that is on social media. So what does that have to do with mutual funds?

So there are lots of mutual fund products on that platform, and of course, there’s also a chat platform where people can discuss mutual funds.

I’m sure among those people there must be someone who likes to give information that this mutual fund is good, must be bought and collected, and so on. As a result, there will be a lot of people who are interested in the person’s words and start buying the mutual fund and don’t want to miss the train. When you also buy, you are certainly exposed to what is called FOMO.

So, as much as possible, don’t let people buy mutual funds only be influenced by people, even though you yourself don’t know what the performance of the FOMO-in mutual funds is like.

5. Buy it once and then forget it

Not a few people want to get rich quickly, namely by buying 1 mutual fund, then hoping that the mutual fund he bought will increase rapidly without depositing again, and in my opinion, this is a very wrong way.

When you invest in mutual funds, of course, you have to do what is called Dollar Cost Averaging, which means you have to regularly buy the mutual funds you choose once a month, once a week, or even once a day. In this way, of course, you will get quite a lot of returns and get an average NAV.

So those are the 5 mistakes mutual fund investors often make by beginners, hopefully, this article can make you more knowledgeable and choose the right decision when investing, because basically failure is the best teacher ever.

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