10+ Best Sites to Sell Photos to Make Money from Photography

10+ Best Sites to Sell Photos to Make Money from Photography

10+ Best Sites to Sell Photos to Make Money from Photography

10+ Best Sites to Sell Photos to Make Money from Photography Hobby – If you have a photography hobby, you must have experienced how the shots you save really need the storage capacity of your gadget or cloud service. You could say, your shots are idle photos that don’t produce results.

Instead of your hobby not producing, it’s better to make it useful for others while increasing your coffers.

How do you do that?
Sell ​​your shots on photo selling sites. On the internet, many sites provide online photos, where users can download photos for their blog or website. You as a photographer will get some kind of royalty for every photo you download.If you sell your photos to foreign sites, of course, the contents of your pocket will increase in dollars. Pretty good, right?

Maximizing the Hobby of Photography

Because currently, the market demand for high-quality photos is very crowded, especially because many things require photos, especially in the field of digital marketing, then you can of course maximize your photography hobby into something that becomes a source of passive income.

But before you start selling your photos, it’s a good idea to first know what kind of stock photos people are looking for:

  • People category – photos of children, babies, adults, parents, or people from different cultures.
  • People working – images of people using laptops, writing, talking in meetings. Images like this are widely used to describe business activities.
  • Food – various types of food including used plates
  • Tools – various tools such as hammers, screws, and bolts
  • Cities – images of the city atmosphere such as buildings, roads, people crossing, or commuter life.
  • Nature – natural scenery, ranging from mountains, animals, and rice fields, to flowers.
  • Travel – travel pictures, landmarks of cities in the world, road trips, and mountain climbing are images that are always sought after by many people.

If any of your stock photos have themes like the ones above, then start sorting out which ones you can sell.

So that you can immediately sell your photos that have accumulated, here we share 10+ online photo selling sites where you can make money from your photography hobby.

10+ Online Photo Selling Sites to Make Money from Photography

1. Shutterstock

It is undeniable, that ShutterStock is now one of the most popular high-quality premium photo download sites in the world.

Here, you can download digital graphic assets ranging from photos to vectors with a subscription system.

In addition, you can of course register as a member to sell your own collection of photos on this site.

The income is very good, especially if you have lots of quality photos that have a selling point.

2. Dreamstime.com

Dreamstime, like ShutterStock, has a fairly large and strong audience base and photography community.

Here, you can sell your photo collection and get a profit of around 20% – 60% from each sale of your photos.

To find out what kind of photos are best-selling, you can easily use the search feature available and please sort by popularity.

If you already have a lot of photos that you think can sell well, you can immediately join Dreamstime and sell your photos.

3. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, formerly called Fotolia, was the first marketplace to sell photos online.

The distribution of royalties offered by Adobe Stock is also very attractive, which is 20% – 60% depending on the type of photo downloader subscription. This number is very interesting because it is greater than the number offered by other photo-selling sites.

Regarding photo rights, Adobe Stock also allows you to sell the same photo to other platforms.

This can be a boon, as you can sell photos in two places at the same time which means more opportunities to increase your income.

4. Freedigitalphotos.net

Sell your photos on Freedigitalphotos.net. This site calls itself a community of professional photographers and digital illustrators.

This statement is not an exaggeration considering that they need you to apply first before selling your shots on their site.

One of the conditions that Freedigitalphotos.net asks for is the upload of the 8 best photos with certain specifications. Not to forget, your identity such as a passport photo is also requested.

The distribution of royalties offered by this online photo selling site is fair enough for photographers, which is 70% of the sales proceeds. Please note, that the price of photos for beginner photographers is sold in the price range of $10 – $50 to customers.

Don’t wait too long, apply now to become a contributor on Freedigitalphotos.net.

5. Alamy

Alamy is a stock photo agency that promises to get your photos seen by 110,000 buyers from all over the world. The way Alamy sells its photos to buyers is different from the aforementioned sites.

They do not provide subscription facilities for buyers but have clients who buy photo packages in bulk.

At Alamy, you can sell stock photos, illustrations, and live report photos taken within 24 hours. You could say that Alamy facilitates several genres of photography at once, such as creative and editorial.

How much royalty do you receive? Alamy sells photos for around $90, photographers receive 50% royalties for exclusive photos and 40% for non-exclusive photos.

6. Crestock

Another online photo-selling site that you can try, is Crestock. This site has a special interest in selling people-themed photos.

So, if you like taking pictures of people in various activities and cultures, this is your place to share your hobbies and get paid.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve uploaded a photo but your photo doesn’t appear, because Crestock must first review all uploaded photos.

Unfortunately, the time needed to curate photos by the Crestock editing team is quite long, up to several months.

Crestock applies a progressive royalty system according to the number of photos downloaded. As an illustration, if your photos are downloaded more than 10,000 then the royalty you receive is 40%.

7. iStockphoto

For the photography lovers community, iStockphoto is not just a place to sell photos but also to get the best photography inspiration that can be downloaded and used for various purposes.

Every time you collect sales of $100, you can withdraw the money to your Paypal or Payoneer account, you know.

And most importantly, you can actually withdraw funds at least twice a week if the minimum withdrawal balance of $100 has been met from the sales of your photos.

8. Big Stock Photo

Big Stock Photo has quite a large community base of active subscribers to get premium, high-quality photos.

Therefore, it is very likely that the photos you sell on this site can sell well. The profit you can get can be around 30%, plus the royalties you get every time a new customer joins.

9. Etsy

Besides being able to be used to sell handmade products, it turns out that on Etsy you can also sell your stock photos.

The most interesting thing about Etsy is that the commission on the sale of photos you receive is much greater than the fee that Etsy deducts itself, so your chances of making money from your photography hobby may be greater.

10. 500px

Although it is indeed very profitable, joining 500px to sell photos is indeed quite difficult.

To be sure, before you join, try to reopen your best photo collection folder and collect them all.

After that, become a contributor at 500px and upload all your best photos to sell.

11. FotoMoto

Fotomoto is not a site where you sell photos online, but a widget that you can put on your own website to sell photos.

The advantage of using Fotomoto is that they will take care of all your sales, even packaging matters if you want to sell the physical form of your shots.

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